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softness is strength

self-sacrifice is not love

self-mothering is the key to your freedom

How would your life change, if instead of trying to “be good” you focused on feeling good?

I’m here to help you break the self-imprisoning habits of the 

free your inner good girl?

by mothering and nurturing yourself so you can discover self-acceptance over constant self-improvement. 


The world is full of “good girls” who follow the rules, outsource validation, put everyone before themselves and endlessly chase the unfulfilling dream of more.


Good girls grow up to be nice women and the world does not need any more nice women. We need women who are brave enough to let go of who you think you are supposed to be, so you can become who you really are.


Ready to end the epidemic of niceness and

My journey from 

'Good Girl' to

I used to be a  “good girl”.  I followed the rules, created a picture perfect life and was concerned with everyone’s needs and wishes more than my own. Motherhood woke me up.


How could I raise brave, self-assured daughters who value their needs if I wasn’t living this way? 


My recovery from the conditioning of self-sacrifice as love was through the process of remothering that I now walk “good girls” through to become fully grown and free women.

"Shaelyn Cataldo is an incredible healer, teacher, and leader. The space she creates is safe and nurturing and a perfect container to just relax enough to deeply explore yourself and expand. She is the epitome of what it means for women to rise up while pulling other women up with her." 

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 Good is never good enough.
Busy is your favorite hiding place.
Rules make you feel safe and at the same time trapped.
You have a really hard time saying NO. 

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