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Holistic Therapy

Now offering individual and couple's therapy in person at Hawk & hummingbird Holistic Healing or via telehealth. Through unconditional presence I help you cultivate emotional safety and the inner/outer resources to heal at the root of the beliefs and patterns that keep you from the life you desire.

Embodiment Coaching 

Here we drop out of the mind space and into the body utilizing somatic healing tools to get you moving, being, doing and experiencing a new possibility for your life. 

The Expressive & Creative Arts for Healing 

Using ART we Access, Release and Transform the stress and stories held in our bodies. Workshops incorporate any combination of the following; writing, movement, sound healing, art making, breath practices, dance, and drama therapy. NO ART EXPERIENCE required. 


JourneyDance™ is a transformational dance form that combines freestyle and structured movement to inspire you to get out of your mind and into your body. Learn more here.

Rite of Passage Work

Guiding women into the Mature Feminine from maiden to Archetypal Mother. The Maiden to Mother movement created by Sarah Durham Wilson rebuilds and resurrects the bridge that was broken - guiding women through  sacred, ancient, and crucial initiation into their full feminine power. Learn more here.

About Me

My mission in life is to support intergenerational healing in my home and in yours. It's the greatest honor of my life to sit and witness the courage and vulnerability it takes for people to reveal the parts of themselves they hide from the rest of the world. 

I spent a decade working in human services providing home based therapeutic services, community support to at risk youth and families and in-patient addiction counseling where I saw firsthand how trauma steals joy. I spent the next decade of my life building my professional skills (see my credentials below) and a family which I consider to be my greatest accomplishment and greatest teacher.


From there I created my own healing arts business offering workshops in my local Rhode Island community, creating online programs and offering virtual coaching to women around the globe. In response to the mental health crises our country is facing, I have joined Hawk & hummingbird Holistic Healing to offer individual and couple's counseling. I am now accepting new clients both in person and via telehealth.


If you are interested in hosting me in your workplace, community or school for a workshop or JourneyDance, email me here.


✔ BA Psychology & Women's Studies from University of Rhode Island

✔ MA Holistic Mental Health Counseling from Salve Regina University
✔ Certificate in Advanced Graduate Study in the Expressive and Creative Arts from Salve Regina University

✔ JourneyDance Guide
✔ Reiki 1 + 2
✔ Toni Bergin's Embodied Transformation Method
✔ Sarah Durham Wilson’s Maiden to Mother Mentor Training

✔Clinical Supervision provided by Natalie Monaghan

About Me
About Me

What Clients Say

"Shaelyn is the person you need in your life to help you jump into your vision and show up in the world exactly how you were destined to be.


Shaelyn has the refreshing ability to identify where our pain and our hurt lives and steals our power. She is so warm and nurturing it allows you to feel safe. Working with Shaelyn gave me permission to be vulnerable. I now have the courage to express my emotions and needs without feeling like a burden. I highly recommend giving yourself the gift of working with Shaelyn and fully becoming who you are meant to be."

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