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I've had the honor of guiding amazing women while witnessing the incredible leaps they've made in their lives.

Each one of these women has taken her future into her owns hands. They've softened in order to allow vulnerability to strengthen their relationships. They've returned to belonging to themselves first, empowering them to lead their lives heart-first. They dreamt big dreams. They took the ounce of belief they had in themselves, and in our safe container, they bloomed from a sapling to a flourishing Oak. They crossed the threshold from immature maiden into the wisdom of the Mother.

The Power of Threshold

I've walked a client through the early stages of grief after a dear friend died when all hope seemed gone, simultaneously resourcing her to release a current relationship that was not serving her which created space to discover a great love. 


I've guided a client across the threshold to reclaim her inner child as a path to reclaiming joy in motherhood. She was burnt out from the responsibilities of a demanding career and motherhood. She went from burnt out to feeling lit up about life again. 

I've accompanied a client through an initiation into a leadership role that brought up all of her imposter syndrome, fear of failure and self-doubt opening the doorway to heal childhood wounds she didn't even realize were there. 

I've lead a client through a divorce after she realized that the 'comfort' she once sought in marriage had become a hiding place. In cultivating an inner refuge she tapped into her strength, courage and capacity to do hard things. 

I've walked a client through the grief of her mother’s death and the unresolved pain she had from childhood that she did not feel entitled to process/name/grieve after her mother passed.

I've accompanied a client across the threshold from wounded maiden into the Mature Feminine where she came to see that her work was not fulfilling her and helped her to redesign and align her life to match her deepest passion and highest values to be an example for her children in following your dreams.

I've lead a client across the threshold from false belonging to belonging to herself, from loyal to the wounds of her family to loyal to herself. This transpired during her 2nd pregnancy, as she came ready to exorcise the voice of her highly critical mother from her head because it was keeping her from being the mother she knew she really was. We found her Inner Cherishing Mother on the other side of the bridge. 


I've walked a client as they worked through a dying relationship and the death of the part of her that was always chasing men instead of choosing them, via intimate work addressing anxious attachment and codependence.


I've accompanied another client across the threshold into claiming herself as an authentic leader, which required healing around her voice (Is it safe to be seen? To be heard?), and around embracing her feminine essence (receptivity, creativity and intuition) in a corporate environment where men outnumbered women as she feared these qualities might cost her. She’s now thriving at work and feels so aligned.

I've been a threshold guide for many mothers who identify as cycle breakers here to heal their childhood wounds so that they can cross the bridge into conscious motherhood that is responsive instead of reactive. 



Bethany O.

"If you are like me and sometimes struggle with knowing whether something is right for you, I welcome you to take this as a sign to say YES!”


I've been working with therapists and life coaches for what feels like a lifetime. While I've made great progress with those mentors, I was hitting a proverbial wall in my personal growth and needed something different, which is how I landed here.  Nobody I've ever worked with brings the same strengths to the table that Shaelyn does.  Her somatic approach tunes me in to the infinite wisdom of my body (whereas before I was seeking wisdom where it can't be found:  my brain), her vision of what is possible for a woman in Queen/Mother energy fills me with inspiration and zest, and the exercises she uses to break down old stories and limiting beliefs are life-changing.  Shaelyn is the reigning queen of space-holding, a woman who will inspire you by the shameless way she lets joy bubble out of her, and a fierce supporter of any woman on the path to healing.  I am eternally grateful to have her in my arena."

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MaryHelen G.

"Shaelyn is the person you need in your life to help you jump into your vision and show up in the world exactly how you were destined to be.


Shaelyn has the refreshing ability to identify where our pain and our hurt lives and steals our power. She is so warm and nurturing it allows you to feel safe. Working with Shaelyn gave me permission to be vulnerable. I now have the courage to express my emotions and needs without feeling like a burden. I highly recommend giving yourself the gift of working with Shaelyn and fully becoming who you are meant to be."

Sara W.

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"I've been on a self development journey for the last few years and while I've made great progress I wish I had started with Shaelyn's mothering the inner mother work first.

It was without a doubt the missing piece to my puzzle. I've long been stuck in the immaturity of the 'maiden' archetype and as Shaelyn began to paint the picture of the 'mother' archetype, I was able to access that grounding, whole, self-assured healing energy I've been chasing all along. AND it was inside of me all along. Thank you for helping me tap into that well of magic inside myself I never knew was there. I will forever regard you, Shaelyn, as a pivotal piece of my self healing journey."

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Ali H.

"Shaelyn is an incredible mentor who helped me to embrace my vulnerability as a strength.  Before working with Shaelyn I cared too much what others thought of me to freely express myself. Now I have the tools, confidence and feel so much MORE comfortable in my own skin. I am eternally grateful I decided to face my fears of vulnerability and hire Shaelyn as my coach."

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Ana C.

"Shaelyn Cataldo is an incredible healer, teacher, and leader. The space she creates through her workshops is safe and nurturing and a perfect container to just relax enough to deeply explore yourself and expand. Shaelyn is tapping into what it means to authentically re-connect to sacred femininity in a modern and unbalanced world! The moment I connected with Shaelyn through her Journey Dance workshop, I knew I needed to connect with her on a deeper level. 

Shaelyn is generous and super community-oriented. She is the epitome of what it means for women to rise up while pulling other women up with her. If you want to connect with a community of loving, women who are jumping fully into healing themselves, their families and their communities, then start by connecting with Shaelyn."

Lacey F.

"Shaelyn is a constant reminder to step into my courage, lean into discomfort, and create a life that is in alignment with my Essence, because that's what she does everyday. Shaelyn is real, intuitive, and powerful. She embodies everything she stands for ~ she's convicted and totally committed to her own inner work. Her authenticity and wisdom are deeply felt. She's also really funny and playful! Her work goes beyond the women that she sees directly; her dedication to ancestral healing and the healing of feminine energy is so potent, and gives me a feeling of a larger global shift. Shaelyn holds some of the most powerful sacred space that you will ever experience, which has proven to be some of the most healing medicine on my journey. She will always mirror back your own power and wisdom. 

Every time that I am in Shaelyn's presence, something new gets activated or unlocked. If you feel any sort of nudge or calling to work with her, you definitely should!"

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Melinda W.

"It’s truly extraordinary to witness Shaelyn’s calling in the creation of sacred space, with all of her gifts, all connected and interwoven and being brought into service in such a powerful, magical and intentional way! She truly is a magic weaver. I know for myself, since sharing sacred space with Shaelyn I am so much more tapped in to my own aliveness and have become so much less afraid to be, to really be my authentic I’m getting to know better who that actually is."

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