Your Mother Map - A Self Guided Mini-Workshop

All of my Mothering Work has been condensed into this jam-packed self-guided workbook. The transformations you seek are here. 

Your Mother Map - A Self Guided Mini-Workshop

  • Your Mother Map, is a modality taught and authored by me, Shaelyn Cataldo, MA, CAGs, a Storyteller, Creative Midwife & Mothering Coach.


    If self-love is your destination then self-mothering is the path and this is your guide.


    Self-mothering refers to the way you relate to yourself, your needs, your emotions and your desires. If you've wondered if self-mothering is for you then let me assure you that self-mothering is for everyone!


    In this self-guided workshop, you'll learn:

    • What Self Mothering is
    • Two Self Assesments Tests
    • What the Mother Wound is 
    • Learn to Set Intentions & Hold Sacred Space
    • Who your Inner Mother is
    • 8 Individual Self-Mothering Practices
    • Guided Personal Reflection Prompts


    The Workbook is a 43-page PDF, downloadable and printable for you to workthrough with space to take notes.


    This guide will support you to:


    + Have a better sense of your needs and desires
    + Ask for what you want and need
    + Be a more stable and secure base for yourself
    + Respond to your physical, emotional and spiritual needs
    + Learn the language of your body and soul
    + Have practices and tools to help you regulate and soothe your
    nervous system when in distress
    + Cultivate intimacy within yourself so you can share intimacy with
    + Nurture yourself with affirming words and praise which requires
    you to face and heal your inner critic
    + Know your physical, emotional and energetic boundaries
    + Set boundaries with more confidence and less guilt
    + Create space for play, pleasure and rest which requires presence over productivity
    + Meet your emotions with curiosity and compassion
    + Grow inner safety


    This will change your life if you let it.

  • You will receive a digital PDF file upon purchase, and a copy emailed to you for accessing later.