Turtle Power.

This week I want to share some wisdom from homeschool with all of you but first I want you to take in these words. Slowly breathe them in….You are worthy. You are enough. You are a gift. You are a light. You are a beloved member of this village we’re co-creating.

Now storytime...Friday was turtle day at our house. My girls were arguing that turtle day isn’t real and I heard my little one say, “it is now because Mommy made it up for homeschool.” And she’s right. I made it up and here’s why….

My oldest has been missing her old school and when I asked what she missed she said pajama day where they watched a movie (for the record this happened twice). So turtle day was born as a way to meet her needs and invite a conversation on self-tending which of course involved a movie in their pjs. Also, I love a good theme day...creativity needs structure.

It’s becoming more clear to me everyday that my role as a mother is far more simple (not necessarily easy) than our culture wants us to know. I’m here to teach my daughters to respond with love to their needs. When they are babies we do this by responding to their physical needs. And as they grow we can be more intentional with our lessons. I am more equipped to do this everyday because I am practicing self-mothering and learning to respond to my own needs.

Rewind to my childhood where I was taught fierce independence and self-sufficiency as strength which actually meant denial of my emotional needs. The same is true for every woman I’ve ever mentored. Can you relate?

Back to the first Unofficial Turtle Day and what I shared with my girls this morning. Turtles are a gift and a teacher to us.

Turtles carry their home on their back and therefore they are always home. This is what I want for my daughters and for you, to always feel at home within your body and wherever it is you go. This is true belonging.

Turtles have a shell that they can retreat into when they need to. We also have this inner sanctuary within us that we can visit when we need support, wisdom, tenderness, guidance and love. When we tune in we have access to the wisdom of our emotions that let us know what we need. Developing this ability to communicate with our bodies and emotions is true empowerment.

This week’s permission slip is an invitation to partake in turtle day too. There’s an entire world inside of you full of emotions, sensations, stories, truth, wisdom and so much love. At least once this week intentionally slooooow down and tune inward. Ask your body what it wants or needs. Get still and listen. Then respond with love.

This is a revolutionary practice in our ultra fast paced world that has so many distractions for us to tune out. As women we are taught from early on to nurture our outer worlds with very little attention to our inner worlds. Let’s break this pattern together.

If you have a hard time accessing your inner wisdom, that does not mean it is not there. Tuning in is a practice in mining for gold. Sometimes you gotta dig a little deeper. And if you don’t feel that warm sense of home when you tune in then it might be a sign that you’ve become a storage house for unprocessed emotions. In which case, you are not alone. As women, we have been conditioned to hold it all together which usually means holding back your emotions and holding onto everyone else’s emotions/stress.

This is where I can help. Re-mothering is about creating safety in the body once again so you can be your own inner sanctuary. This is the journey I’m here to walk you through if/when you are ready.

In softness and strength,