The Mature Feminine

Who initiated you into womanhood? Into adulthood? Into maturity?

Odds are that no one did because we have forgotten rites of passage in our culture which is why we have an epidemic of women clinging to their youth instead of embracing aging and maturity as a natural and necessary evolution for us personally and collectively.

We are all enrolled in a system whether we know it or not. As women the system is designed to keep us small and to keep us distracted.

We are made to distrust our voices, distrust our power and distrust our intuition. This is what our culture does to women. And we allow it.

In the immature feminine women obsess over image and the needed to fit in over true belonging. As if there is one right way to be in this world.

In the immature feminine women are overwhelmed in their attempts to please everyone by contorting themselves to become who they think others want and/or exiling parts of themselves. Each attempt a practice of self-betrayal and self-abandonment.

In the immature feminine women are consumed with how they and their lives look. This creates consumers who buy and buy and fill and fill. But it’s never enough because it isn’t stuff we really want. It’s presence.

In the immature feminine women are distracted in their foolish attempts to save everyone else but themselves, clinging to a belief that as a woman to earn love we must give everything of ourselves over.

In the immature feminine women are controlled by the pursuit of perfect bodies as if shape has anything to do with how much love and pleasure we are worthy of experiencing.

In the immature feminine women are distracted and drained by the energy it takes to hold back who we really are, to hold back your beliefs and to avoid controversy at all costs. Swallowing your truth is not peaceful at all. It is to wage a silent war within yourself

In the immature feminine women are consumed with feelings of comparison and competition over celebration and collaboration with other women. When one woman rises, we all rise—this may have been told to you but it probably wasn’t shown to you.

In the immature feminine women are overwhelmed by the constant flow of thoughts in their heads that keep us from truly inhabiting the wisdom of and in our bodies.

In the immature feminine women are isolated in the pressure to be fiercely independent. We are weaker when we are separate. It is all by design.

In the immature feminine we are disillusioned in our pursuits of perfection failing each and every time. Perfection is the ultimate weapon of disempowerment given to women who use it to self-harm.

Crossing the threshold from immature feminine into mature feminine is to say NO MORE to a system that is designed to keep you from knowing and using your power. This is the journey from maiden to Archetypal Mother, here in service to your own heart, soul, body and in service to the world.

I am calling you in to unleash the fever and fury that has been growing inside of you for as long as you can remember. It’s time to detox the patriarchy from your system

Dismantling a system means first seeing the ways we have been conditioned by it.

Then healing and forgiving ourselves for the ways we have abandoned the truest parts of ourselves.

This means getting out of our heads and back into our bodies-dancing, singing, expressing the wild and creative magic that is within each of us.

Finally coming together in Sisterhood and solidarity and remembering that interdependence and community are the most sustainable forms of self-care.

We belong first to ourselves

This first reclamation leads us home to each other.