Permission to Pause

Today I want to talk about slowing down. I mean really, really, really slowing down. Even in this moment I invite you to slow your breath as you read. With each breath softening your body, softening your mind and softening your heart to receive this message.

It can be challenging to slow down in a world that values productivity and action over receptivity and stillness.

I used to be GO-GO-GO, both as a cheerleader and as a general way of being. I talked fast, moved fast, I was reactive and perpetually busy. It took a long time and a whole lot of healing to realize that busy was my favorite hiding place. Turns out I’m not alone. So many women are hiding behind their busy lives, endlessly chasing more and not feeling fulfilled.

Here’s what I’ve learned about the habit of busyness….

  • Busy is a way to compensate for never feeling good enough.

  • Busy is how we can avoid having to feel our feelings.

  • Busy is a way to measure your value & feel important.

  • Busy is a high functioning trauma response.

  • Busy feeds anxiety and starves the soul.

When asked by clients how they want to feel after working with me I hear so many of the same answers, “I want to feel inner peace, I want to go with the flow, I want more ease in my life and I want less anxiety.” My first invitation is always the same, let’s slow down. Self-mothering is so much about soothing our overstimulated nervous systems through consistent self-tending practices.

This week I invite you to give yourself permission to slow down using one of my favorite practices, The Sacred Pause.

As always, print out your permission slip, fill it in and post it somewhere you will see every day. There is so much value in the ritual of saying YES to yourself, to your peace, to your joy and to your fulfillment.

For more like this follow me over on Instagram @Shaelyncataldo and visit the website for more on The Recovering Good Girl & Mothering the Mother.

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