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Vision What You Want and Go For It

Collage is an amazing way to explore who you are and design the life of your dreams.

👉🏻Your VISION is the blueprint for the life of your dreams. It’s calling you.👈🏻

But, you’re a good girl, you follow the rules, take care of everyone, put your needs second, keep a low profile, oh so accommodating, and it feeds you.

Being a good girl is rewarding. People like you, they compliment you, and it feels good. It’s kind of addicting.

You project you’ve got it all together. You smile, a lot. You play it safe, that’s what you were taught. You do not like to ruffle any feathers.

You are right there, hiding in plain sight. Inside of you is so much light and power but you’re holding it in. You don’t trust it.

As women we've been conditioned away from our dreams and steered in the direction of what is practical and best for our families. Career opportunities are broader than ever before for us however workplaces were designed by men for men. Our needs are not recognized. We were told we could be anything and instead we heard, BE EVERYTHING. We are buying out in our attempts to get ahead at work while balancing our own needs, the needs of our partners, and the needs of our children. In all of it, we can so easily get lost. Our dreams can get lost, filed underneath the endless to-do lists. Your dream is still there waiting for you.

Inside of you is a VISION for more. You don’t trust this. You stuff it. Convince yourself you don’t have what it takes but this is just another place you hide. Inside you is EVERYTHING you need to create the life of your dreams. Your vision is begging you to breathe life into it. But first you’ve gotta breathe life into yourself and rediscover the magic you were born with.

You don’t have to do it alone. Invest in your dream so that others will too. I’m currently taking on new clients if you are ready to come out of hiding and be seen in your big magic.

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