Loyal to the past or loyal to your own heart.

I'm going to break down what I've come to discover as a HUGE obstacle for my clients to step into their FULLness and initiate into their power.

The unconscious vows you made in childhood shape your adult reality.

Unconscious vows are agreements you made in childhood to become who or what your family system needed. (read that again)

Often these agreements relate to authentic self-expression, boundaries and having needs. And they show up as barriers to allowing oneself to be fully seen and heard which creates tension because being seen and heard are universal HUMAN NEEDS.

As a child I vowed to swallow so much to be true to my mother and my family. I swallowed my truth, my needs, my emotions, so many impulses, my intuition and my authenticity. This caused physical illness and emotional turmoil. I had countless procedures and surgeries done on my throat, vocal cords and esophagus-a result of a lifetime of swallowing truth, pain and emotions. Some you have been asking HOW I've stepped into my fullness, HOW I have the courage to be as honest as I am and HOW I facilitate this process in others. Healing unconscious vows is a really important step.

Do any of the above example resonate? There are so many more that I've helped women uncover that reveal where they are still being loyal to the past instead of loyal to their own heart.

These agreements are made in response to the repeated messages you heard verbally and nonverbally in your childhood. They are often stored as burdens (things we hold and carry) or loyalties (things we agree to believe or make true). i.e. I will hold your pain/secrets and I will be silent/sweet/nice. Remember, we are incredibly brilliant and resilient. Families are systems and we all adapt to do whatever it takes to support the system even when it means abandoning our needs or hiding our authenticity. Once we become aware of the root of our hiding, we can uproot these agreements and plant new ones. I facilitate a process called The Mother Healing Ritual where we explore the story of your life as a way of understanding the vows you made based on the needs in your home. Then one by one I guide you to release them. This is some of the most powerful medicine I offer that weaves narrative therapy, inner child healing, ritual, rite of passage, and generational healing to support you to INITIATE into your power. Writing Prompts:

  1. What unconscious vows did you make in childhood?

  2. How do you think these are affecting you today?

  3. What part of you is ready to come out of hiding? (a quality, an emotion, a story, a creative project, a gift, a truth)

Your voice is always worthy and welcomed here.

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