Let’s get unschooled.

It’s back to school time. Whether that means distance learning, in-person learning, home school, or none of the above for you, 'tis the season. We’re gonna play on this theme because well I love a good theme.

This will be our first year homeschooling and it is such a beautiful testimony to how much my self-trust has grown as I have learned to re-mother myself. {Important to note here: I wholeheartedly believe that every parent must decide what is best for their child based on their individual family situation.} This is what we decided and why...

  1. School is such a breeding ground for the ‘good girl’ archetype. It’s where so many of us learned conformity, fitting in, asking permission and fear of failure. After two years in a public school system, I began to see my once confident, wildly expressive daughter begin to wilt. It was heartbreaking.

  2. With safety precautions in place we were going to see a more restrictive environment that I just couldn’t wrap my heart around.

  3. Distance learning was a nightmare (I’m being dramatic-ish). If I’m gonna be responsible to teach my daughters then I’m gonna do it my own way.

  4. The traditional 9-5 hours don’t work for us. A few hours every night is not enough to connect and do all the things (dinner, homework, tub etc..) I prefer to create a life/work/family schedule outside these times.

  5. I am a grown woman and the authority on my own life.

So, my plan is to unschool and rewild my girls who are nearly 5 and 7 then to do interest lead learning. Which is what I want to talk to you about.

This week I invite you to get curious and give yourself permission to go back in time a little. For some reason I’m now singing “let’s get curious, curious” to the Olivia Newton-John classic. Are you singing it too now?

Now, reflect on your early education and any ways that you were schooled to be ‘good’. Any memories immediately pop up? Always trust these nuggets of gold-these are whispers from your intuition where there’s an opportunity for wisdom and healing.

Grab a notebook, your journal or open a doc and begin to reflect on what you learned about…. your voice? following rules? your creativity? asking permission? your intelligence?

Are any of these early messages blocking you in your life now?

I’d love to know what you discovered about the ways you were schooled to be good. Stories are meant to be told so please reply and share yours. Here’s mine in a nutshell...

I was a teacher’s pet, believed my grades equaled my value, followed all the rules, tried endlessly to fit in and lost my voice, authenticity and creativity along the way. Now as an adult I’ve done a lot of unlearning and now I teach this in my programs.

If you’re ready to be unschooled, The Recovering Good Girl is now in session. This is a 3-month mentorship that will take you from ‘good girl’ to grown woman. It’s essentially another version of home school where you’ll be guided to come home to the REAL YOU. If this is for you, here is the link to the application.

Remember, let’s get curious, curious….I’m now chair dancing too. Dancing with you and for you.

Every time you give yourself permission to stretch, you grow.



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