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You Were Never Broken

This is my love letter and reminder to you.

"When your heart is broken, when your heart has cracks in it, it lets the light in" Ellen DeGeneres

You were never broken, only lost

lost to your own power

seeking everything outside of yourself

You were never wrong, only mislead

mislead to believe who you are

the words of others became your truth

You were never alone, only confused

confused because you were there all along

but you didn’t trust you were enough

all the comfort you seek right there inside yourself

You are the greatest source of your own validation

All the love you need sourced directly from the center of your own chest

You are the greatest love of your lifetime

All the wisdom you thirst for lives in your soul if only you could quiet the thoughts in your mind

You are the wisest person you have ever met

The deep dive into yourself can set you free

Introducing you to person you were from the very beginning

before life got in the way

Introducing you to the person you are still meant to be.

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