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Courage over Comfort

Sitting right on the edge of my comfort zone

One side seemingly safe

The other where I crave to be

Intimacy and connection are my life blood

But the world has hurt me and so that which I crave is also my greatest fear

Rejection and abandonment are my greatest scars

The wounds still tender, and I’ve been reflexively contracting out of protection

Protecting my wounded self means denying my true self

Dancing in the this back and forth

Vulnerability is the way

Caught between the wisdom within that guides me to connect more deeply

and the pain I carry that screams at me “it isn’t safe”

Finding the places and spaces within

where we live from wounds and not wonder

This is THE WORK

Sitting with you in this work is the privilege of a lifetime.

The good new is, you don't have to do the work on your own. All it takes is one person to create a MOVEMENT. There is incredible power when this movement is soul aligned. So many of us, feel stuck. We feel stuck in limiting beliefs and stories that we carry within. We feel stuck in a job or a relationship that drains us instead of inspires us. Together I will help you find the movement that awakens your soul and creates the life of your dreams

Emotions or energy in motion live inside our bodies until we actively express them. For so many of us, we were conditioned away from emotional expression. Holding on to our emotions is a significant contributor to our stress. In addition to holding onto our emotions, we hold onto early messages about our identity. If we do not feel safe to express ourselves fully in our early lives, we will create a projected self to the world that we believe is more palatable than the real deal. Together we move through early subconscious programming to tap into the truth of your being.

I teach tools and processes to help you affectively release emotions and stories as well as to integrate your projected self with your authentic self. I will gently guide you home to who you are. You will feel joy. You will feel pain. You will meet your own resilence just as you meet resistance. Change is scary but I've discovered that when we bring passion, art, movement, play, and lightness to our healing it can also be a lot of fun.

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