Come Down to Earth

It’s been a week and I want to share the most important practice that I use every single day, sometimes many times a day.

This recovering ‘good girl’ used to live almost completely in my head with a hundred tabs open at once, a running list or two with everything that needed to be done and a constant worry that there wasn’t enough time.

Fast forward to today, I still have a tendency to get pulled into my head. I have a very full life so I don’t always have huge chunks of time to give to myself. I’ve learned to make really great use of the time I do have.

When I feel overwhelm, worry and anxiety creep in because it always does, I meet myself differently now. I meet myself with more grace and with consistent self-tending practices. I no longer try and hold it all together. Instead I hold space for myself to soothe and nurture my nervous system. This is the gift of self-mothering and this is what I want for you.

This week give yourself permission to get outta your head and get back into your body using a practice called grounding.

Grounding is a practice that reconnects you to the Earth. This specific practice can be done anywhere and anytime and will help you reconnect to the Earth of your body so you can drop out of the swirling thoughts and worry and anchor in the strong, stable, beautiful foundation of your body. Once again, it’s all about slowing down and tuning in.

I’ve come to see that it doesn’t matter how much time and attention you give yourself, what really matters is that you show up with consistency for yourself.

You know the pattern. You start a new program, you begin a self-care routine and life gets better. You begin to feel more connected and alive again. And the more connected and alive you feel, the less and less you think you need to do that thing/program/practice.

Self-mothering is about consistent self-tending with sustainable practices as in things you can realistically add to your already full life.

If you feel pulled, please share your process with me so I can honor and celebrate you.

Ohhh, and don’t forget, print the permission slip, write it out, post it and really allow your Inner Mother to create permission for your inner ‘good girl’ to rest a bit. And for more like this follow me over on Instagram @Shaelyncataldo and visit the website for more on The Recovering Good Girl & Mothering the Mother.

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