Mothering the Mother

Have you abandoned your needs striving to be a “good mom”?
A new village forms on Sunday, March 21.
‘Mothering the Mother' is an intimate and interactive women’s circle and virtual village for the mother who is tired of trying to do it all and be it all on your own, who is ready to break free from emotional survival mode and allow yourself to receive the support, nourishment, and connection you need because we aren’t meant to mother in isolation. Here we rise in matriarchy and remember that motherhood is a sacred responsibility.
Do you long for…..
time and space that is fully yours
to feel seen and heard
to be nourished and supported
to be validated for all that you do and all that you are
to be celebrated for all your invisible labor that no one sees but you
for relief from the constant striving
to do it right
to be good enough
to be everything for everyone but yourself
to remember who you are beyond your role as mother
for connection with yourself and other women
to know you are already enough
You long for a village to support, uplift and hold you.
I was there once too which is why I created Mothering the Mother. 
You don’t have to go it alone. There’s another way.
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A soft place to land where you will know you aren’t alone, you’re not crazy and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with you.
For time and space just for you which grows your capacity to fulfill your role as mother. All you need to do is show up and let yourself be held. 
Real talk, authenticity, vulnerability and support around all those topics that feel too much to process on your own from the comfort of your home.

Meet Shaelyn 

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Hear from Shaelyn directly to know whether Mothering the Mother is the right place for you.

Hey Mama,


We mothers are struggling. And have been for some time. This year things have reached a tipping point. Something has to give.

Motherhood is a gift and Motherhood is hard.


Both are simultaneously true.


Too many mothers are suffering in silence, striving for perfection or trying to hold it all together at the expense of their own health and wellness.


I used to be one of them. It was lonely and exhausting. 


Motherhood broke me wide open and helped me to see that:


Mothers need mothering.


This has never been more true than this moment in history.


Maternal health is a key predictor in a child’s healthy development and thriving.


You are the stable and secure base from which your child grows.


Which is why I want to offer you another way.


I’m not asking you to do more, I’m inviting you to do things differently.

All that energy you pour into everyone and everything else - what if you poured some into yourself...and what if you could learn to do this alongside your child?


Here you enter a paradigm shift from martyrdom that demands you give up everything for your child to wholehearted MOTHERHOOD that honors your humanity. 


Because you know deep in your bones there’s another way. 


You learn to give generously to yourself so you can serve from a full cup.


This is a space that will celebrate you every step of your journey knowing there is no ‘right way’ to mother. There is only what is right for you and your family. ​


This group is an intentional shift from having to do it all and be it all on your own and a return to a village mindset.


We go deep and get real in all the ways your soul has been longing for.


 You’re not meant to go it alone, you never were.


The door is open for you to reclaim yourself in motherhood. 

What is

Mothering the Mother

Through the combination of weekly group coaching and ceremony calls, in depth teaching videos, a digital library of resources and a private group off of social media for connection & accountability you will be supported in your shift from:


Martyr to


Pleasing to


Caretaking to

Sustainable Self-tending

Self-Sacrifice to 
Image by Natalie Grainger from Unsplash

Is this You?

You are ready to focus on your needs with as much love and attention as you focus on everyone else…and at the same time this stirs so much guilt.

You understand the incredible power and responsibility you have as a mother…and this is creating more pressure to do it ‘right’.


Your mind feels like it can never fully shut down so you can get the deep rest you need….and you’re ready to learn ways of tending to your overwhelm.


You second guess every decision and compare yourself to everyone else’s mothering….and you are ready to learn to mother from your center. 


You’ve begun to see burnout as a normal part of motherhood…even though a part of you knows this is not how it is supposed to be. 


You have a hard time setting and keeping boundaries….and you are ready to learn new ways so you can mother from a place of empowerment. 


You tell everyone you’re “fine” when you feel more anxious, overwhelmed, irritable and alone since becoming a mother….and you are ready to ditch the highlight reel and get REAL. 


You are keeping score in your house tracking who does what and feeling resentment because you always seem to do more….and you are ready to become an advocate for your own needs.


You see pleasure and rest as indulgences instead of vital self-care….and you ready to heal this so you can reclaim peace and joy in your life. 


You feel unappreciated and keep looking for outside validation for all the invisible labor you do….and no one is giving it to you in a way that nourishes you. 


You want to break cycles in your family because a part of you is really scared you will “mess your child(ren)” up…and you realize you can’t do this alone. 

If so, Mothering the Mother was made for you. 

and check out her story...

Meet Tara

After having my third child, I was feeling like my life was so full, but I felt empty.  Juggling a full time job, a husband and three kids left little space for me. As a result, I looked to my accomplishments and my to-do list to define my worth - and it wasn't working.  I knew I wanted  to FEEL more full in the full life I had created but investing time in it felt like one more thing. I knew I needed to learn how to tend to myself.
 My journey began by giving myself the gift of time (and yes, money), which truly has been a gift to everyone in my life. Investing in this program allowed me to learn how to tend to myself so that I  show up more beautifully for my kids, my husband, my colleagues and most importantly, myself.
I now know my worth and no longer waste time comparing myself, set boundaries in order to prioritize the things that fill me up, ask for what I need to feel supported and show up at work unapologetically being my whole self
 My wish for all women is that they invest in themselves the same way.

This is not your average mom’s group.

In Mothering the Mother you will:

✔︎ Meet your overwhelm and anxiety with tools to regulate your nervous system
✔︎ Understand the stress cycle, how stress lives in your body and learn tools for stress release
✔︎ Create and maintain boundaries that prioritize your needs & pleasure
✔︎ Stop comparing your mothering to others by knowing your highest values and mothering in alignment to these
✔︎ Reconnect to your intuition and wisdom allowing these to guide you in decision making
✔︎ Embrace your body’s cyclical nature
✔︎ Discover your Loving Inner Mother and listen for her soft, soothing guidance
✔︎ See emotions as messengers and learn tools for emotional mastery
✔︎ Allow yourself to ask for help and receive support 
✔︎ Recognize how your childhood influences how you show up as a mother
✔︎ Address healing in your own mother-daughter relationship
✔︎ Shift from control & consumption using the creative process
“Shaelyn’s way of uncovering my inner mother has helped me to come to terms with my own desires for love and admiration. She was there to hold sacred space for me to feel the emotions I needed and to help me come into my own power as I explored my inner anxieties.
The connections I made in just 2 sessions with her were better than 10 weeks of regular therapy!”

Kelly Joy

Mother of 2 & Solopreneur


I'm Shaelyn.

Creative midwife, mothering coach, cycle breaker, homeschool mama and most of all a woman who is learning to mother myself alongside my daughters. I hold a MA in Holistic Counseling with a specialization in the  Expressive Arts for healing. 


When I gave birth to my first daughter I gave birth to my unmothered self. I was prepared for everything except my own needs. I had no conscious blueprint for mothering. I read and I learned everything I could and it just added to my overwhelm. What I needed was support. What I needed was to know I was good enough. What I needed was compassion. What I needed was a space where I felt safe to share my struggles. 


What I needed was this group. I’ve weaved together what I learned on my journey as a mother and as a clinician to create a program that will support you to create boundaries, rituals and routines that honor your worth.


This village is the culmination of many years of loneliness and longing. This village is the mother I spent my whole life looking for. First I created this within myself and now with so much grace and gratitude I share it with you.

Shaelyn Cataldo

A mother that thrives, leads a family that thrives. 

“"To listen to my needs was not part of what was taught or modeled. Like many people in this society, I learned that my value comes from how well I can do something, how much I can get done, how much praise I receive, or how happy and comfortable I can make those around me feel. Mother the Mother is a total pattern disrupt.
Shaelyn provides incredible tools, rituals, and beautifully models how to decondition these deeply held beliefs that many of us carry. To love yourself enough to tune in, listen, and tend to your needs is an act of revolution (which I didn't believe before). As I practice self-mothering more and more (especially in community), it is becoming my new framework and way of being.
Shaelyn holds some of the most powerful sacred space that you will ever experience. I truly know what sisterhood means because she creates a safe and magical space for healing and connection. Her work goes beyond the women that she sees directly; her dedication to ancestral healing and the healing of feminine energy is so potent, and gives me a feeling of a larger global shift.”

Lacey Feeley

Mother of 1, Montessori teacher turned homeschool mama

✔︎ 6 months of 12 x LIVE Ceremony and Space Holding Calls with Shaelyn every other week (2 hours each). Calls will be 2 hours in length. *Calls will be recorded*


✔︎ 6 months of 12 x LIVE Bathrobe Sessions with Shaelyn (75 minutes each) every other week to show up in the real, ask questions, process what’s coming up and practice tools for embodied learning.  *Calls will be recorded*

✔︎ A 90 Minute 1:1 session with Shaelyn to clarify your intention and goals for this time together


✔︎ Guided journeys & meditations that will support you to access your highest potential 

✔︎ Access to a digital library full of resources for you continued practice & support 

✔︎ Access to private Mothering the Mother online portal with like-minded, inspired and  nourishing community to celebrate and be uplifted by

✔︎ Discounted rates for 1:1 support if you want or need

✔︎ A virtual lifeline to Shaelyn (and group participants) for asking questions and seeking support 


(*save $250 when you pay in full)

Or choose $350/monthly


$100 OFF
Ends March 3!
EARLY BIRD PRICING (until 3/3 only!)

Or choose $333/monthly

Mothering the Mother
"Shaelyn is the person you need in your life to help you jump into your vision and show up in the world exactly how you were destined to be.
Shaelyn has the refreshing ability to identify where our pain and our hurt lives and steals our power. She is so warm and nurturing it allows you to feel safe. Working with Shaelyn gave me permission to be vulnerable. I now have the courage to express my emotions and needs without feeling like a burden. I highly recommend giving yourself the gift of working with Shaelyn and fully becoming who you are meant to be."

MaryHelen Gustafson

Mother of 3, Women's Health Physical Therapist
Ceremonies & Group Coaching
Time, Space and Deep Space Holding
Self-Mothering Practices
A village that sees & celebrates you
Tools, techniques and practices to support your healing

How many spaces are there?

I will be accepting no more than 15 of you to keep the container intimate so that you all have time and space to be seen and heard because that is the medicine.

When does it take place?

The 2 hour group ceremony calls will take place every other Sunday from 10am-12pm EST The bathrobe sessions will be held on the alternating weeks on Wednesday at 7pm EST

How can I possibly add one more thing when I already feel like I’m drowning?

This group is the life raft you’ve been needing that can pull you to solid ground. Practically speaking, adding one thing might mean letting go of another or asking for support which I get is extra challenging as we navigate social distancing. And I get it, I really do which is why I believe it is so important to teach mothering practices you can do alongside your child. It’s a win-win.

What’s your background and training like?

I have a MA in Holistic Mental Health Counseling, Certificate in Advanced Graduate Study in the Expressive & Creative Arts as well as my Reiki 1 & 2 certification. I am a JourneyDance Guide plus I did advanced training with JourneyDance creator Toni Bergins in her Embodied Transformation Method. Most recently I completed the Maiden to Mother teacher training with Sarah Durham Wilson. I also have 10 years of clinical, trauma informed experience working with youth & families. Plus, 8 years of motherhood which was the greatest initiation and training of all!

Do you offer refunds? If so, what is the policy?

I will give you as much of my time as needed before the program to find your clear yes and answer all questions. Once you commit and make your deposit, you're saying yes to the full program. No refunds will be given. There are some times that come up in the course of 6 months that may take you away from the course, but it's all recorded and you can catch up another time. Should a life-changing event occur, of course I support you in completing in a way that feels in integrity for both of us.

I can’t make all the calls, is that okay?

Of course. The live calls are for YOU. They are an opportunity for you to be held, seen, supported as well as to ask me questions, get personalized support, be in community, and deepen your understanding of the topics. However, they are not mandatory. If you miss a call, they will be recorded for you to access whenever you want.

I'm feeling a yes, but my "I can't" voice is really strong...any guidance?

Let’s chat. Is the voice you’re hearing yours or is it a lifetime of messages that have convinced you that you should be able to do it all alone? Because we know that’s not working, This invitation is calling you forward and naturally that will stir a level of resistance. Just notice it. Get curious. And I;m here to support you because I remember how hard it was to say yes to community support and I also know that it changed my life in the best ways possible.

How is this different from other moms groups?

The focus is on YOU and not your child specifically. Of course they will benefit from every single thing that we do together. We will cut right through the small talk and get right to the soul talk. Becoming a mother is a sacred transition. Here we will honor all that motherhood stirs-grief, guilt, shame, anger and all the stuff we’ve been taught to hide.

Do you offer scholarships?

If you deeply desire to be here and resonate with this work, then I want you to have access. I realize that money will be the barrier for some of you that keeps you from receiving the support you need and deserve which is why I am offering several sliding scale seats. Please apply here. I also trust that you will invest your money in what matters most to you. My deepest hope is that you know you are worthy of your own time, money and energy. What makes me sad is that our culture conditions mothers to believe that you should be able to do it all on your own and sacrifice your needs in the process. That’s exactly the kind of beliefs I am supporting mamas to break free from. I am committed to making this group intimate and accessible while still honoring my own financial needs.

Will you be hosting another retreat?

Due to the uncertainties around Covid-19, I have not included the retreat in this group of Mothering the Mother. If conditions change and we are able to gather safely this summer, I may consider hosting though this would be 100% optional and there would be an additional cost. I really do hope this is a possibility because we do have so much fun!


Being a cycle breaker is no longer accepting the status quo.

 Martyrdom is cancelled.

Let’s call in a new culture of motherhood.

And bring humanity back to mothering.

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