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Become for yourself what you’ve always needed by crossing the threshold into the Mature Feminine.

A rite of passage journey, for women like you, to guide you home to the Mother Within so you can honor your truth, remember your wisdom and reclaim your power without having to do it all on your own. 
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You long to be seen for who you truly are
You long to be supported
To feel nourished
To live a life untamed
And to experience ease
But the part of you that longs to be seen has been hidden away living in service to everyone but yourself and you don’t even know how to bring her forward.
It’s not your fault.
But it is your responsibility.
What if I told you that you could tap into the greatest source of support you’ve ever known and become the mother you always needed for yourself in a circle of other women doing the same?

Does this sound like you?

✔︎ You are ready to focus on your needs with as much love and attention as you focus on everyone else…but you feel guilty just thinking about this.
✔︎ You want to experience more peace and more pleasure… but feel challenged softening, slowing down, and setting boundaries.
✔︎ You want to feel confident to express the fullness of who you are… but a part of you is still afraid of what people will think and say.
✔︎ You have been looking for wisdom and guidance everywhere…but you haven’t looked in the one place your wisdom lives-deeply inside yourself.
✔︎ You are tired of hiding your truth and swallowing your voice…but really letting yourself take up space and be seen feels edgy.
✔︎ You want to welcome an intimate, loving partnership into your life…but you keep falling into the same patterns that keep love an arm’s length from you.
✔︎ You want more than anything to feel supported… but you aren’t sure how to drop your guard and open your heart to receive.
✔︎ You want to honor the deep call from within your soul to share your gifts in service to others…but you don’t think anyone will trust you because you don’t yet trust yourself.
✔︎ You want to be the mother you never had… but this keeps you in competition with your own Mom, instead of mothering from the deep wellspring of presence within you.
✔︎ You work so hard to heal and break your family cycles…but the authenticity and freedom you crave remains elusive because you don’t yet have the inner safety you need.
✔︎ You are ready to take responsibility for your own growth and healing…but the little girl in you longs for someone else to save you.
There’s another way…

Let me introduce....

Mothering the Mother Within

‘Mothering the Mother Within’  is the intimate and interactive women’s circle that will guide you through the rite of passage journey into responsible womanhood that you never received. We gather together to cross the threshold from the immature feminine to the Mature Feminine, from maiden to mother and from good girl to grown woman. 

On this journey you will be guided to...

unleash all the parts of yourself that you learned to hide away

...honor your body as sanctuary space and sacred vessel

detox from the patriarchal programming you’ve been absorbing your whole life

root in your power as the wise and wild woman you are

…stop waiting for someone to tell you that you are worthy and start declaring it NOW

...embody the fullness of who you are 

be held in a community like you’ve never known was possible

When you can identify what was missing in your mothering, you will know exactly what you need to awaken within yourself. 

We’ll do this through healthy nervous system regulation, emotional processing, embodiment practices, rituals, guided meditations and deep space holding to heal personal, collective and ancestral wounds.

Over the course of the next 2 months you will:


...your true nature and step into authentic expression as you shed the masks you’ve worn


...your inherent worthiness as a sacred vessel for peace, connection, genuine expression, pleasure, creativity, support & freedom


...yourself by tapping into Mother energy so that you can experience the inner safety to fully express who you are, what you need, and all that you desire

Revillage a sacred community of women 

In Mothering the Mother Within you learn to give generously to yourself so you can share generously with others.

“Mothering the Mother Within is a total pattern disrupt. Shaelyn provides incredible tools, rituals, and beautifully models how to decondition the deeply held beliefs that many of us carry.

For me, Mothering the Mother Within is actually a very powerful way to dismantle white supremacy and patriarchy that lives so deeply inside of all of us. To slow down and to place value on process rather than product; to feel all the feelings (pain/discomfort and pleasure) and to allow space and compassion for the wide spectrum of our humanness; to hold space for others as they go through their own process - these are just a few ways that Mothering the Mother Within is helping women tap into their beautiful, wild, untamed selves. Something, I believe, truly has the capacity to change the world.”

Lacey Feeley

Mothering the Mother Within is an interactive, intimate, virtual village for women

created with the intention to guide, support, connect, nurture and nourish you in your journey to become the mother you’ve always needed so you can rebirth your true self, your visions, your dreams and all that you came here for. 

In Mothering the Mother Within, you will:

✔︎ Be walked through an initiation from immature feminine to Mature feminine

✔︎ Learn self-tending practices so you can nourish and attend to your needs, emotions and regulate your nervous system

✔︎ Address healing in your own mother-daughter relationship

✔︎ Mother freely the parts of you wanting to be seen, felt, heard and known

✔︎ Connect with, listen to, and integrate the wisdom of your body and intuition… so you not only honor WHAT you are meant to do, but WHO you need to become to do it.

✔︎ Receive unwavering support, deep space holding, mentorship, reflection, accountability, personal practices, ceremony, rituals and so much mother medicine… so you show up fully and fiercely as the woman you came here to be

"Shaelyn is one of the people in my life that gives me a feeling of being fully embraced for all of my humanity and magic.
Shaelyn has some potent and magical tools to share which I believe all could benefit from. Since joining Mothering the Mother Within I have felt more supported by fellow women in my circle. I have felt witnessed and held with compassion and love. I am in awe of the healing and transformation that can happen in community with other women.With her guidance, I found freedom by acknowledging and shedding some of my 'ways of being' in the world - ways of being that no longer served and actually kept me from being fully ME."

Tara Blair

Why this group, this container and this program are different.

I’m not asking you to do more, I’m inviting  you to do things differently.

All that energy you pour into your life to feel good enough

What if you poured it into yourself...

You learn to give generously to yourself so you can share generously with the world.

Here you can rest a while knowing that you are not alone.

This is a space that will celebrate you every step of your journey knowing that healing is not linear but a spiral.

We go deep and get real in all the ways your soul has been longing for.

Here you enter a paradigm shift from the patriarchal lens you’ve been raised in which reinforces self-sacrifice and self-betrayal as symbols of love. 

This is an intentional shift from the fierce independence that was taught to us and a return to a village mindset.

You’re not meant to go it alone, you never were.

This is a shift from the wounded sisterhoods you’ve known and a reclamation of the sacred motherhood that you long for deep in the marrow of your bones

Here we are the cycle breakers and cycle starters we’ve been looking for.

"Shaelyn is the person you need in your life to help you jump into your vision and show up in the world exactly how you were destined to be.
Shaelyn has the refreshing ability to identify where our pain and our hurt lives and steals our power. She is so warm and nurturing it allows you to feel safe. Working with Shaelyn gave me permission to be vulnerable. I now have the courage to express my emotions and needs without feeling like a burden. I highly recommend giving yourself the gift of working with Shaelyn and fully becoming who you are meant to be."

MaryHelen Gustafson


I'm Shaelyn.

Mother on a mission, space holder, spiritual guide, and authentic self-expression mentor, with a MA in Holistic Counseling and the Expressive Arts. 
I’m here to help you release all that you are not + reclaim all that you are so you can become the liberated, sovereign, mature woman you came here to be without having to go at it alone. 
This village is the culmination of many years of loneliness and longing. This village is the mother I spent my whole life looking for. First I created this within myself and now with so much grace and gratitude I share it with you. 

Being your guide is a role I do not take lightly.

It is truly a privilege (and my greatest joy) to be welcomed into the intimate spaces of your heart and your healing journey.

Being raised in an alcoholic home forced me to grow up very quickly without the support of wise elders. I learned to become who others needed me to be. And when I did, I lost myself and the world lost my power. I hid so much of who I was in favor of becoming the ‘good girl’ that my family needed and that our culture demands. Instead of allowing myself to receive love, support, and deep fulfillment, I repeated the pattern of self-abandonment that ran deeply through my childhood and my entire mother line.

Here’s what I wish someone had told me to spare me the years of inner turmoil:
Having a mother is not the same as being mothered. I realized I had spent my whole life trying to earn love and approval but it turns out it wasn’t love and approval that I needed; it was mothering. And maybe you’re here because you need this too.

Motherhood cracked me open and sent me deep into my re-mothering journey which has allowed me to live the fullest expression of who I am and guide others (including my 2 daughters) to do the same.

My Inner Mother was the bridge back to my Inner Power which has allowed me to embody the changemaker that I came here to be.

As wisdom keeper I offer to you a framework for understanding the initiation into the Mature feminine

As a healer I share practices, mother rituals and guided meditations to support you 

As a space holder I create this container for you to drop in like you’ve never allowed yourself  before-soft, strong and vulnerable

As a wild woman I will model for you the audacity of a woman who has learned to trust herself

As a changemaker I introduce a new way of being and seeing your world

As MOTHER I hold space for all of you and for the magic we can co-create when we gather in a sacred community.

If you are ready to reclaim all the layers of who you are then I have some good news….you are right where you belong.


M1  ||  Welcome & Creating Sacred Space

Initiate the process of healing and rebirth. 

  • Arrive and nourish your nervous system for receptivity, connection & sharing
  • Clarify and define your intention for this incubator

  • Settle into a personal practice that supports you receiving inspiration and taking action

M2  ||  Mother as tree of life

Nurture inner safety with focused awareness on grounding practices to strengthen and support you.

  • Practice somatic awareness to tune into your body cycles & rhythms

  • Understand the qualities of  the Inner Maiden & Inner Mother so you can make connection with your personal patterns

  • Activate Mother Earth energy as an ally,  guide and protectress on your journey

M3  || Root to Rise

Cultivate awareness around familial, social and religious conditioning that no longer serve you so you can shed the armor around your heart and lead with love.

  • Detox from patriarchal programming through intentional releasement processes

  • Create and strengthen boundaries that nourish your highest pleasure, potential and power

  • Learn heart opening practices to cultivate courage and compassion as well as to Invoke the Goddess

M4 || Invoking Mother Energy

Tap into the well of unconditionally loving Mother Energy within and all around you. 

  • Create an altar space to honor and invoke Mother energy

  • Receive and practice mothering rituals to support you to soften, slow and choose stillness

  • Be guided to meet your Cherishing Inner Mother 

 M5 || Meeting your Maiden

Unite your Inner Mother and your Inner Maiden so you can nourish the parts of you that want to be seen, heard, felt and known.

  • Review your maiden qualities and patterns that keep you feeling small

  • Be guided to meet your Inner Maiden

  •  Learn how to facilitate a dialogue between your Maiden and Mother

M6 || Reclaiming

Liberate yourself from patterns that keep you outsourcing your power and denying your humanity.

  • Explore your relationship to your needs & emotions

  • Discover the most effective mother practice for self-tending

  • Establish trust in your Inner Knowing 

M7 || Pleasure

Reclaim your right to feel good  so you can experience a pleasure driven life.

  • Soften your beliefs that love/joy/rest/pleasure must be earned

  • Explore pleasure practices 

  • Learn embodiment and movement practices to support greater flow and ease 

M8 || Sovereignty

Rise as the liberated, mature sovereign women you came here to be.

  • Deepen in the embodiment of the Mature Feminine

  • Create vows for and to yourself that honor your inherent worthiness

  • Be held in ceremony where you will stand as the Sovereign Woman you are

Mothering the Mother Within

✔︎ Course Manual to nurture your journey and deepen your self-inquiry. ($100 value)

✔︎ 2 months of 8x LIVE Group Coaching + Ceremony Calls with Shaelyn. ($1000 value )

✔︎ Guided journeys & meditations that will support you to access your highest potential. ($200 value )

✔︎ Lifetime access to Mothering the Mother downloadable training resources for you continued practice & support ($600 value )

✔︎ Access to private Mothering the Mother Within online portal with like-minded, inspired and  nourishing community to celebrate and be uplifted by. ($500 value )

✔︎ Unlimited Email Access to Shaelyn with a 36-hour response time guaranteed. ($300 value)

Value: $2700

Special Price:


(savings of $1701)


✔︎ Two 1:1 sessions individual 90-minute sessions with Shaelyn to give you personalized mentorship and healing ($500 value)

Plus everything you get with Tier 1:

✔︎ Course Manual to nurture your journey and deepen your self-inquiry. (value $100 )

✔︎ 2 months of 8x LIVE Group Coaching + Ceremony Calls with Shaelyn. ($1000 value )

✔︎ Guided journeys & meditations that will support you to access your highest potential. ($200 value )

✔︎ Lifetime access to Mothering the Mother downloadable training resources for you continued practice & support ($600 value )

✔︎ Access to private Mothering the Mother Within online portal with like-minded, inspired and  nourishing community to celebrate and be uplifted by. ($500 value )

✔︎ Unlimited Email Access to Shaelyn with a 36-hour response time guaranteed. ($300 value)

Value: $3200

Special Price:


(savings of $1867)


"I've been on a self development journey for the last few years and while I've made great progress I wish I had started with Shaelyn's mothering the inner mother work first.

It was without a doubt the missing piece to my puzzle. I've long been stuck in the immaturity of the 'maiden' archetype and as Shaelyn began to paint the picture of the 'mother' archetype, I was able to access that grounding, whole, self-assured healing energy I've been chasing all along. AND it was inside of me all along. Thank you for helping me tap into that well of magic inside myself I never knew was there. I will forever regard you, Shaelyn, as a pivotal piece of my self healing journey."

Sara Wilder

“Even if you had the most wonderful mother in the world, you may eventually have more than one. As I have often told my daughters, you are born to one mother, but if you are lucky, you will have more than one. And among them all you will find most of what you need. Your relationship with todas las madres, the many mothers, will most likely be ongoing ones, for the need for guidance and advisory is never outgrown, nor, from the point of view of women’s deep creative life, should it be.”


-  Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Mothering the Mother Within is home to your many mothers.
The door is open for you to reclaim sovereignty. 

This is a container where all your needs are worthy & welcomed. Mothering the Mother Within offers you fiercely loving support, accountability and uplifts you in a community that celebrates you every step of the way.

Journal Prompts
Action Steps
Healing Work 

"This experience was incredibly nurturing and empowering. I heard messages and felt such a delicious release and relief after connecting with this part of me.


After going on a guided journey with Shaelyn to meet my inner mother, I feel for the first time that I have a tangible imprint of what I need my inner Mother to be like. Shaelyn helped me get clear on the exact elements that my inner mother would embody, and allowed me to fill in the magical spaces of what I would see/hear and feel from her during the journey. I’m incredibly grateful for Shaelyn’s gentle and grounded guidance. I highly recommend her as your guide and cheerleader for strengthening your connection to the Mother within."

Chrissy Marie

 Q: How many spaces are available?

I will be taking about 20 participants to keep the intimacy of the program and the accessibility to me abundant.

 Q: When/where does Mothering the Mother take place?

Mothering the Mother Within is a 2-month program. Calls will be held weekly on Sundays from 10:00 am EST to 12:00 pm EST beginning 11/15/20 and ending 1/10/21.

 Q: I'm a busy bee. How much time will I be expected to commit to this program?

Totally up to you. You get to decide what feels most nourishing for you The calls are all recorded and sent out. The module group coaching calls are 120 minutes and are well worth your time to make it live and engage in the group experience.

You’ll receive an E-book with supportive practices and access to a community portal for sharing + support that you can choose when and how much you participate. As with anything, what you put in is what you get out

 Q: Do you offer refunds? If so, what is the policy?

I will give you as much of my time as needed before the program to find your clear yes and answer all questions. Once you commit and make your deposit, you're saying yes to the full program. No refunds will be given. There are some times that come up in the course of 2 months that may take you away from the course, but it's all recorded and you can catch up another time. Should a life-changing event occur, of course I support you in completing in a way that feels in integrity for both of us.

 Q: I can't make all the calls, is that okay?

Of course. The live calls are an opportunity for you to ask me questions, get personalized support, be in community, and deepen your understanding of the topics. However, they are not mandatory. If you miss a call, they will be recorded for you to access whenever you want. It is suggested you miss no more than 3 of the calls.

 Q: I don’t have or even want kids, is this still for me?

Yes! This group is all about mothering YOU. You’ll be guided to connect to your Inner Mother so YOU can reclaim your full self-expression and birth your truest, most genuine SELF.

 Q: How much 1:1 time do I get with Shaelyn?

All participants have email access to me at any time, with a 36-hour response time. If you are purchasing tier 2 then you will receive  2x 75 minute sessions with me as well.

 Q: I really want to participate, but cannot afford it. Are there alternative options?

The pricing of Mothering the Mother Within was calculated intentionally to give you extreme value as a group program and an extended payment plan. If you have a gut-wrenching YES, do not let your "I can't" voice get the best of you. I believe in your ability to cultivate the necessary means to participate and honor your readiness. You can always reach out to me and let me know your situation and we can take it from there.

 Q: I'm feeling a yes, but my "I can't" voice is really strong... Any guidance?

Let’s chat. You should feel nervous... you're on the edge of something HUGE! Anything that is calling this much of you forward into being should invite a level of resistance. Just notice it. Notice how much power you give it. See if it's fear or if it's guidance and take aligned action-steps forward.