Mothering the Mother

Where softness is strength & self-sacrifice is not love
Have you abandoned your needs striving to be a “good mom”?

Mothering the Mother is Shaelyn’s signature group program.

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Motherhood is


Motherhood is a


Both are simultaneously true. To experience the gifts of motherhood more fully means talking about what is hard for you. This requires vulnerability.

And there are a million reasons why motherhood is hard--overwhelming cultural expectations, massive responsibility, fluctuating hormones, lack of support, conflicting advice, exhaustion, renegotiating your relationship, unresolved issues from childhood and the list goes on...


So many mothers suffer in silence trying to hold it all together. I used to be one of them. It was lonely and exhausting.

Motherhood broke me wide open and set me on a path of 


Softening means tending to yourself with as much love and care as you tend to your child(ren).


If your mothering doesn’t include you, it is insufficient.

Mothering the Mother is a community of support, nourishment, knowledge and wisdom sharing for the mother craving truth, connection and sustainable self-care. 

Is this You?

You understand the incredible power and responsibility you have as a mother.
Your mind feels like it can never fully shut down so you can get the deep rest you need.
You second guess every decision and compare yourself to everyone else’s mothering.
You’ve begun to see burnout as a normal part of motherhood. 
You have a hard time setting and keeping boundaries.
You tell everyone you’re “fine” when you feel more anxious, overwhelmed, irritable and alone since becoming a mother.
You are keeping score in your house tracking who does what and feeling resentment because you always seem to do more.
You see pleasure and rest as indulgences instead of vital self-care.
You don’t have to go it alone. There is another way.

Mothering the Mother

Through the combination of in depth teaching videos, a downloadable workbook, group coaching calls and a private group for connection & accountability you will be supported to in your shift from 


Martyr to


Pleasing to


Caretaking to

Sustainable Self-tending

Self-Sacrifice to 

This shift happens when you can:

Meet your overwhelm and anxiety with tools to regulate your nervous system.
Understand the stress cycle, how stress lives in your body and learn tools for stress release.
Create and maintain boundaries that prioritize your needs & pleasure
Stop comparing your mothering to others by knowing your highest values and mothering in alignment to these.
Reconnect to your intuition and wisdom allowing these to guide you in decision making. 
Embrace your body’s cyclical nature.
Discover your Loving Inner Mother and listen for her soft, soothing guidance.
See emotions as messengers and learn tools for emotional mastery.
Allow yourself to ask for help and receive support. 
Recognize how your childhood influences how you show up as a mother.
Address healing in your own mother-daughter relationship.
Shift from control & consumption using the creative process.

Motherhood is a sacred journey & you aren’t meant to walk alone.

Here you will be seen, heard, felt and validated. This will soften you. 

With softening comes the ease, flow, compassion, grace, confidence and joy you’ve been missing.

This is my wish for you and all mothers because I get it, I really do.

A mother that thrives leads a family that thrives. 

When I gave birth to my first daughter I gave birth to my unmothered self. I was prepared for everything except my own needs. I had no conscious blueprint for mothering. I read and I learned everything I could and it just added to my overwhelm. What I needed was support. What I needed was to know I was good enough. What I needed was compassion. What I needed was a space where I felt safe to share my struggles. 


What I needed was this group. I’ve weaved together what I learned on my journey as a mother and as a clinician to create a program that will support you to create boundaries, rituals and routines that honor your worth.

“Shaelyn is real, intuitive, and powerful. She is a constant reminder to step into my courage, lean into discomfort and create a life that is in alignment with my truth because that's what she does everyday. Shaelyn holds some of the most powerful sacred space that you will ever experience. I truly know what sisterhood means because she creates safe and magical space for healing and connection. Her work goes beyond the women that she sees directly; her dedication to ancestral healing and the healing of feminine energy is so potent, and gives me a feeling of a larger global shift.”

Lacey Feeley

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