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Monthly Sacred Full Moon Circle

In Person & Virtual Gatherings

Are you thirsting for deeper intimacy and connection with women but don’t know where to find it? I was yearning for both which is why I stopped waiting and started creating.


I transformed my picture perfect family room into a home studio and a sacred gathering space for women. 


Remothering is an inner and outer journey. First breaking open, softening and finally being vulnerable to receive sisterhood and support. 

You are born to one mother, but if you are lucky, you will have more than one. And among them you will find most of what you need. Your relationship with todas los madres, the many mothers, will most likely be ongoing ones, for the need for guidance and advisory is never outgrown, nor, from the point of view of women’s deep creative life, should it ever be.

Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Women Who Run With the Wolves

Sacred Circles occur monthly aligning with the Full Moon either virtually or in my Rhode Island studio. No two circles are the same though they are always held with the intention of co-creating magic together. You can expect some combination of personal sharing, meditation, wisdom, visualization, song, journaling, music, poetry, storytelling and REAL connection. Circles are a collaborative event where participants are invited to share their gifts.


This event is always FREE because I believe in making sacred space financially accessible.

Wow wow wow.

I attended Shaelyn’s Full Moon Circle and it was a sacred and special experience. It was both empowering and cleansing to sit in a circle of women and open up in a safe place, without fear of judgment or expectation. Being in a space that YOU are cared for, YOU can be raw, YOU can be the child...this was priceless.”

Ali D.

“She truly is a magic weaver. It’s truly extraordinary to witness Shaelyn’s calling in of the creation of such sacred space, with all of her gifts, all connected and interwoven and being brought into service in such a powerful, magical and intentional way! I know for myself, since sharing sacred space with her that I am so much more tapped into my own aliveness and have become so much less afraid to really be my authentic self as I’m getting to know better who that actually is.”


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