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Expressive & Creative Arts

Expressive & Creative Art is the integration of visual art, movement, writing, dance, drama and sound for healing and transformation. 

More simply put, Expressive & Creative Art is a path to freedom from perfectionism. 

I spent most of my life holding on to all the pain I’d ever experienced. But, you’d never have known it because I was masterful at hiding my pain behind my giant smile and a list of accomplishments. Perfectionism was the mask I wore but underneath was so much shame, sadness and pain that needed to be released.


I went to a lot of therapy and got really good at telling my story. But, it almost kept me stuck ya know? I’d found a way to talk about my pain but not to actually feel it, release it and transform it.


Then I found the Expressive and Creative Arts and a whole new set of tools for self-discovery and emotional release. Expressive Art showed me the places and spaces within me that needed love, attention and healing. 

"I had the pleasure of attending one of Shaelyn's workshops recently. What a breath of fresh air! Despite being in a group setting, she took the time to get to know us each as individuals; and though we spent the majority of the evening (independently) creating a vision board, she still managed to make us feel as if we were all in it together as sisters. Powerful stuff for a mere two hours! I left that evening with not just a beautiful vision board, but a feeling of truly being seen and recognized as a human being with value. I cannot recommend enough that you experience one of these workshops for yourself."

Barbara Murdock

Maybe like me you need permission to be seen and a whole new set of tools 


Think less control, more flow.


If your “Type A” brain is thinking "whoa I don’t do art.” Perfect.


You’re in the right place. I used to say the same thing. 

I vividly remember a free writing assignment soon after becoming a mother where I wrote in big, bold black letters
This was the wake up call for me that sent me on the path of self-mothering that I now teach to women across the globe. 

Expressive Art helped me find myself underneath the masks of the 3 P’s of perfection, pleasing, and pretending, I gave myself permission to create, dance wildly, color outside the lines… things Good Girls like me never did.

Together we’ll do ART differently. 
Access what’s hiding under the masks.
Release the pent up emotions and beliefs that keep you trapped
Transform from Good Girl into Grown Woman
Vulnerability and creativity are the antidotes to perfectionism and pleasing. 


JourneyDance™ is a transformational dance form that combines freestyle and structured movement to inspire you to get out of your mind and into your body.

In JourneyDance™, we dance without mirrors to release judgement of ourselves and others. This practice is not about learning steps, it’s about revealing, recovering and re-discovering your natural intuitive movement. We activate imagination and utilize diverse forms of freestyle improvisational dance, yoga, ritual, theater, and shamanism to a soundtrack of inspiring world music, creating a barefoot ecstatic celebration of the human spirit.

If you're interested in hosting a JourneyDance workshop in your studio, contact me.


"Journey dancing with Shaelyn is a ceremonial experience. She guides you into exploring the different layers of your being - the playful child and the warrior – with SO much grace. Her presence and energy alone is a giant permission slip to dance through your fears and back into the remembrance of all that the magnificence that you came here to be.  Her passion is infectious and she has a magical way of connecting you with both your body as a portal to the cosmos. Get on the dance floor with her if your curiosity is at all sparked. Your weirdness is welcome, encouraged, even!"

Chrissy Tucciarone

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