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You’re here which means you are saying YES to YOU! 
And I’m cheering you on big time!!
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8 mothering practices with step by step instructions

Self-mothering means learning to relate to yourself in a way that honors your body, needs, emotions, boundaries, time and energy.
Simply put….
It’s a practice and declaration that says I MATTER (literally, coming from the Latin word mater for MOTHER).
This is for you if you are ready to shift from
Comparison to


Living in tension to 

living intention

Feeling tuned out to

feeling tuned in

Reactivity to 


Overwhelm to

rooted in your body

Peacekeeping to


Self-sacrifice to


Busy as a way of life to

stillness & rest

Co-dependence to


Seeking approval to

inner validation

Self-doubt to


Shaelyn Cataldo


I'm Shaelyn.

Creative midwife, mothering coach, cycle breaker, homeschool mama and most of all a woman who is learning to mother myself alongside my daughters.

I used to think that being a good mom meant swallowing my needs and feelings. Come to think of it this pattern started long before.  


Motherhood was the tipping point that cracked me right open.

I stopped trying to hold it all together and instead

I learned to give myself the vital mothering I was needing. 


It turns out this is what I’d spent a lifetime looking for. 

This is what I want for you.

"Over the past month, I have learned REAL and PRACTICAL tools on how to mother myself.  It first began with redefining what “mothering” meant to me.  Then, through process, I learned valuable tools to implement into my everyday life.  Tools like shaking my body, asking myself what I needed, taking mini pauses to just breathe! Most importantly, I learned that just showing up is enough.  What I provide for myself and my enough.  Thank you Shaelyn for sharing your wisdom, vulnerability and joy!"

Taylor C.