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Let's just start by getting to know each other. Send me a message with this form and tell me what brought you here. If you already know you're ready to get to work, my calendar is open and waiting for you.

There are currently coaching space available. Please let me know what brought you here and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Are you available for interviews and events?

Yes! To request me for your next podcast or event, fill in the contact form above. Be sure to specify what you'de like me to speak on or teach on. I am availble to create a workshop specific to your group - blending counseling, somatic healing, the expressive arts, and rite of passage journey. Topic Ideas Include: + Mother Wound Healing + Initiation into the Mature Feminine + Stepping into Fullness by reclaiming your body, emotions, needs, voice, intuition, gifts and power + The Expressive and Creative Arts as a path to healing + Belonging-longing to BE your full self, how inner belonging feeds outer belonging + The epidemic of good girls and nice women + The lost art of storytelling

Do you offer scholarships?

I am dedicated to using the privileges I carry to create equitable access to the healing and medicine I offer. As a cisgendered, heterosexual, able bodied, mixed class white woman, I recognize that harm being done in the spiritual and wellness communities. In addition to unpacking and healing my own internalized oppression, I am in the process of aligning my teachings to my own ancestral roots. Additionally, I offer discounted rates to B.I.P.O.C in an effort to make my services more accessible. I offer a 33% discount for B.I.P.O.C. individuals, available to you if you feel it is helpful or supportive. If you are Black, Indigenous, or a Person of Color, please feel free to use the code BIPOC at booking and receive 33% off.

I want to work with you but I'm not sure if I can commit to 3 months!

No worries! Commitment is scary especially at this particular time in history. I offer individual sessions to help you decide if my particular flavor of medicine aligns with you and your needs. You can arrange a session using the online calender and go from there.

Do you have a press bio available?

Yes, absolutely! Here you are! Shaelyn Cataldo is an authentic leader, storyteller, visionary, space holder, and threshold guide. Practically speaking she offers individual sessions, intimate mentorship and workshops for those who want to reclaim their true nature. Shaelyn blends counseling, embodiment coaching, the expressive arts, rite of passage work and energy medicine bridging modern science and ancient wisdom. She is passionate about talking and teaching on the Mother Wound and rite of passage into the Mature Feminine as a path to liberation for women.

You talk a lot about mothering and I'm not a mother. Can I still work with you?

Of course! I do not teach on biological motherhood. I teach on Archetypal Motherhood supoporting women to become a mother to themselves which is to be your own greatest advocate and cheerleader. Together we'll help you tap into the fierce love that lives within you. To mother oneself is to be your own source of permission. It is reclaiming inner safety, self-trust and belonging.

Do you offer payment plans

Yes I do! My 3-month mentorship can be divided into 3 monthly payments.

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Ways to Work


For the woman who longs to be seen but has been hidden away, living in service to everyone but herself and you don’t even know how to bring her forward. This deep dive into yourself will set you free.

3 Month


For the woman who craves a safe container to receive guidance, or support in bringing a dream to life, or to hold space for the depth of your being, or meet you where you are and reflect back to you your infinite worthiness.