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Coaching vs. Counseling

What’s the difference?

Coaching is intimate, short term, intensive and 100% about YOU committing to yourself. You’ll learn tools to be with your emotions because right now you don’t have any. You avoid feeling because you don’t trust your emotions. I mean, how could you in a culture that tells women that emotions make us weak or less than?

My coaching uses embodiment work...I know, I know, embodiment is such a buzz word right now. Stay with me….

You are running your life from your head - with your plans, your to do’s, your endless internet searches

Deeper than that is the story about who you think you need to be and it’s feeding your anxiety and making you feel trapped.

Embodiment is the process of getting out of your head and back into your body.
You can’t enjoy your life from your head.
Believe me, I tried.

Having had experience with counseling and coaching both personally and professionally,

here's what i know

Counseling is rooted in fixing the problems whereas coaching focuses on creating the solution. 
Coaching is equal parts responsibility & vulnerability.
It’s not about changing who you are, it is about changing how you show up in your life and letting me hold your hand through the process. 
Together we shine a light on your habits and patterns with curiosity & compassion.
You will be guided on a transformative journey of Re-Mothering Yourself.
Let's talk about how we can work together.


To offer compassion, empathy, presence, attunement and create emotional safety for our journey together.

To show up with authenticity and model this for you.

To hold you accountable to your potential and the vision you have for yourself.

To do my own personal work so I can bring my best self to our work together.

"Shaelyn has the refreshing ability to identify where our pain and our hurt lives and steals our power. She is so warm and nurturing it allows you to feel safe. Shaelyn is the person you need in your life to help you jump into your vision and show up in the world exactly how you were destined to be. Working with Shaelyn gave me permission to be vulnerable. She helped guide me to see my anxiety as a catalyst for change. I now have the courage to express my emotions and needs without feeling like a burden. I highly recommend giving yourself the gift of working with Shaelyn and fully becoming who you are meant to be."

Mary Helen

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