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I am excited about your interest in working together. Fill out the below application and you will receive notification within 48-hours, if aligned, we’ll hop on a clarity call to see if it's a fit.

Excited to read all of your heartfelt responses.

1. What interests you most about working with me 1-on-1?
2. Which one of these describes you best?
3. Which one(s) most closely describes your biggest challenge in putting yourself and your needs first?
7. This is for those who are calling in support, accountability, greater ease and flow, and deeper meaning on their paths who are ready and willing to step into authentic self-expression. Mentorships cost roughly $2400 for 3 months with payment plans available. I am ready and willing to support you wherever you are and meet you if you have a FULL YES. In order to gauge where you're at, please select from the below options the statement that best describes your current capacity to commit and invest in yourself at this time. (No answer determines higher likelihood for participation).

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