I'm Shaelyn.

I am a sacred leader, advocate, cheerleader and guide for women who want to reconnect with their wild, wise feminine essence. My medicine is holy, gitty and griddy. I blend counseling, coaching, the expressive arts, energy medicine bridging modern science and ancient wisdom. My magic is in my ability to create sacred space first within myself and then in my work and relationships. I teach women the tools they need to come home to who they truly are so they can step into their creative magic. 


I’m also a weaver of community, wife, conscious mama, dancer, writer and hammock lover. At my essence I am an explorer, a bridge and a bright light in what can sometimes feel like a dark world. 

My Journey

When I gave birth to my daughter, I also gave birth to my unmothered self. My postpartum journey was lonely and riddled with anxiety and anger;  all of which I kept to me believing that feeling anything other than good and grateful somehow made me a bad mother. 


Motherhood propelled me on a journey that would ultimately lead me right to my soul purpose which is healing and reprogramming my conditioning around femininity and motherhood.  We began as an egg inside our mother while she grew inside the womb of our grandmother. We are so much more interconnected than we realize and when one women heals, she heals her for her entire mother line. This is why I am here. 


During my first pregnancy, I received this clear and direct message from my guides.

Your strength is in your softness.

I recoiled in response. I knew that softness meant vulnerability which scared the hell out of me. And I also knew this was exactly what I needed to hear. 

Softening ultimately meant healing my relationship with my feminine essence and my relationship to vulnerability. This first meant seeing that who I am has nothing to do with my past, the roles I play, how much I can accomplish in one day, or the expectations of others. As women we are conditioned away from who we truly are in a desire to belong. We are met with a lifetime of conflicting messages. Softening is my act of sacred rebellion against misogyny. 

Motherhood was an initiation for me into sacred leadership which meant leading from love over fear. This was the shift motherhood activated within me and that I now activate in other women.


Be nice, be helpful, be kind, be good, be chaste, be pure, be a good girl, be happy, smile, be grateful, follow the rules but think for yourself, don’t be too bossy, don’t be too emotional, don’t be too dramatic, don’t be too loud, be skinny but not too skinny, be strong but not too strong, be sexy but not too sexy, be assertive but not too assertive, be smart but not too smart, be who you want to be but also fit in, have a successful career and have a family, or ultimately BE EVERYTHING but feel NOTHING. 


The greatest source of loneliness I have known in my life, is my own disconnection from myself.  As women we have been conditioned to believe that what we want and need is outside of us which keeps us constantly looking everywhere but inside ourselves. This is how we are kept in a position of disempowerment. 

Everything you desire is already within you waiting to be birthed.

I am the midwife of my own rebirth and now I serve other women who are ready to release who you think you are or who you think you should be so you can give birth to your TRUTH.

I live with my husband and our two daughters as well as our two dogs, two fish, and our cat. Full house = Full heart. Actually full house =  many responsibilities that make self care rituals an essential part of my daily routine.  I love connecting with like hearted/like minded people and relish my alone time to recharge my batteries.


Nature awakens my soul.  Water is where I go to connect to my essence. I love all things dance, puns, and my hammock is my happy place.  It has taken a while but I finally recognize that what makes me weird is what makes me wonderful. Same goes for you!  


I hold a Master’s in Holistic Counseling as well as my Certificate in Advanced Graduate Study in the Expressive and Creative Arts from Salve Regina University.  I'm a JourneyDance Apprentice and was recently trained in Toni Bergin's Embodied Transformation Method.



INFJ (but really an extraverted introvert)
My hammock
Love Embodied


Shaelyn knows how to mirror the unconditional loving mother in such a way that creates a sense of safety for you to explore your own. She brings ALL of her to her work, constantly expanding her edges and stepping into embodiment. She also makes healing emotionally accessible by being a permission slip through her own vulnerability and story-telling, her playful energy, and her creative spirit. She creates so much space for you to explore and learn in your own unique way. With Shaelyn, ALL of you is welcome and celebrated. Her integration of art, music and movement allows you to tap into different corners of your being and spark unexpected inspiration. Working with her is fun, intimate, REAL, and 100% recommended!

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