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I'm Shaelyn.

I am a holistic counselor, authentic embodiment coach, wife, conscious mama, cheerleader, mentor, dance enthusiast, friend and hammock lover. I’m passionate about guiding women as they navigate their own paths to freedom. I do this through 1-to-1 coaching, workshops and JourneyDance. I weave together my education, professional experience and personal healing journey to create individualized programs for women who are ready to prioritize their needs and start living their best life. I teach women the tools they need to come home to themselves so they can step into their creative magic.

My Journey

There have been many times in my life where I have felt lonely and disconnected.  With the support of some amazing counselors, mentors and guides, I have discovered a process of homecoming.


Throughout our life we create a persona of who we think we are supposed to be. We are conditioned away from ourselves and into a false identity that we project into the world. These are the masks we wear.  My projected self was part perfectionist and part pleaser which kept me from stepping into my purpose, my power, and living joyfully. It can feel so good and rewarding to please others that we can get stuck in a pattern of putting our needs second.  This is where the work begins. YOUR NEEDS MATTER. Helping you to live by these words is where I come in.

The greatest source of loneliness I have known in my life, is my own disconnection from myself.  Through my own healing I discovered that everything I sought outside of myself—validation, acceptance, and love—were within me all along.

Inner child work and reparenting have been the processes most helpful in my reclamation of my authentic self. There was so much I wanted to say and do but I followed the rules and avoided failure at all costs.  Through the process of homecoming I have reclaimed buried parts of myself, tapped into my intuition, moved through mental and emotional blocks to my happiness and learned to make my own rules.  And the icing on the cake is that I discovered my soul purpose and called in a sacred sisterhood of women who support my highest vision for my life. 

I used to think that healing work had to be hard.  I was so wrong.


When we bring what we love into our process, everything shifts. Dance was my vehicle into the full expression of myself-dynamic, sensitive, bold, deep, wildly passionate, messy, creative and playful. Dance is how I took the leap over the edge from comfort to courage which I now realize was really the portal into my creative magic. Together we’ll discover the portal waiting for you.

I am the proud mama of two little girls who are also masterful at pushing my buttons.  Our children reveal to us the places and spaces within us where we carry pain. I am grateful for the wisdom my children bring to my life. Mothering has deepened my understanding of relational pain and healing. Whether or not you have children, we all mother ourselves. Becoming my own loving inner mother is one of my proudest accomplishments to date. Pain travels through families until someone breaks the cycle. I consider myself to be this cycle breaker.

I live with my husband and our two daughters as well as our two dogs, two fish, and our cat. Full house = Full heart. Actually full house =  many responsibilities that make self care rituals an essential part of my daily routine.  I love connecting with like hearted/like minded people and relish my alone time to recharge my batteries.


Nature awakens my soul.  Water is where I go to connect to my essence. I love all things dance, puns, and my hammock is my happy place.  It has taken a while but I finally recognize that what makes me weird is what makes me wonderful. Same goes for you!  


I hold a Master’s in Holistic Counseling as well as my Certificate in Advanced Graduate Study in the Expressive and Creative Arts from Salve Regina University.  I'm a JourneyDance Apprentice and was recently trained in Toni Bergin's Embodied Transformation Method.



INFJ (but really an extraverted introvert)
My hammock
Love Embodied


Shaelyn knows how to mirror the unconditional loving mother in such a way that creates a sense of safety for you to explore your own. She brings ALL of her to her work, constantly expanding her edges and stepping into embodiment. She also makes healing emotionally accessible by being a permission slip through her own vulnerability and story-telling, her playful energy, and her creative spirit. She creates so much space for you to explore and learn in your own unique way. With Shaelyn, ALL of you is welcome and celebrated. Her integration of art, music and movement allows you to tap into different corners of your being and spark unexpected inspiration. Working with her is fun, intimate, REAL, and 100% recommended!