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7 Days and 7 Ways to Mother Yourself
softness is strength
self-sacrifice is not love, and
self-mothering is the key to your freedom

Hey, I’m Shaelyn.


I’m a Recovering “Good Girl” who found freedom from the

3 P’s of perfectionism, pleasing and pretending

through the deeply nourishing process of remothering myself.

I used to think that my needs and feelings were burdens so I hid them 

behind a smile, a picture perfect life and supporting everyone else. 

{Cue anxiety and resentment}

Motherhood was the tipping point that cracked me right open.

I stopped trying to hold it all together and instead

I poured as much love and care into myself as I did my two daughters. 

This is what I want for you.

This free challenge includes 7 ways to nourish and mother yourself delivered directly to your inbox.

Self-mothering means placing your needs and your pleasure at the top of your to-do list. This is how you soften into who you really are underneath who you think you are supposed to be. 

This challenge I’m sharing with you is how I discovered my softness as strength. 


You become for yourself what you always needed.


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"Shaelyn is one of the people in my life that gives me a feeling of being fully embraced for all of my humanity and magic. With her guidance, I found freedom by acknowledging and shedding some of my "ways of being" in the world - ways of being that no longer served and actually kept me from being fully ME. I feel more confident to allow my voice to be heard, so that I may be fully seen for who I really am. Shaelyn's support was the permission I needed to express myself unapologetically, sometimes for no other reason than for the gifts that voicing our truth brings. If you are feeling like more of a Lonewolf on your journey, she can meet you where you are with nourishing and supportive one-on-one coaching. Shaelyn has some potent and magical tools to share which I believe all could benefit from. Her journey of healing is one she shares openly and her authenticity inspires me to go deeper, to get clearer, everyday. Since joining Mothering the Mother  with Shaelyn I have felt more supported by fellow women in my circle. I have felt witnessed and held with compassion and love. I am in awe of the healing and transformation that can happen in community with other women."

Tara B.