Ritual for Reclamation Challenge

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be ignited with inspiration
Don't wait, we begin October 19th.
This is the rite of passage you were never walked through.
Initiate yourself from a daughter of the patriarchy to a grown woman so you can truly be held in the full depth of your being.

Throughout these rituals you will:

Remember your true nature hiding underneath the masks and false projections of who you think you are supposed to be.
Reclaim your inherent worthiness as a sacred vessel for peace, connection, genuine expression, pleasure, creativity, support & freedom.
Remother yourself
so that you can create the inner safety to fully express who you are, what you need, and all that you desire. *


I'm Shaelyn.

Mother on a mission, space holder, spiritual guide, and authentic self-expression mentor, with a MA in Holistic Counseling and the Expressive Arts. 
I help women to become the mother they always wanted and needed for themselves so they can attend to their needs, voice their desires and share their gifts freely with the world. I am devoted to empowering women to break generational patterns of pain rooted in patriarchal programming.

Are you ready to heal the wounded maiden and welcome the Mother within?


It’s never too late to become for yourself what you always needed. 

the cherishing mother within
 the little girl inside
 the lover in you that allows you to surrender
 the wild woman you are
 the wise healer who knows
... so you can tap into your infinite wisdom, power and potential.