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Shaelyn Cataldo

Holistic Therapist, Embodiment Coach, Expressive Arts Facilitator, JourneyDance Teacher & Rite of Passage Guide 

Hello and welcome! My mission in life is to support and facilitate intergenerational healing by supporting people to tap into the wisdom of their bodies. I do this through 1:1 therapy, coaching and group workshops. 


I can help you become aware of how the past lives inside of you creating disconnection and present day stress providing healing at the ROOT so you can experience relief from your stress, return to a state of wholeness, and reclaim a sense of aliveness. 

My Approach:

Areas of Specialty:

Family of Origin Issues: Attachment, Codependence, Adult Children of Alcoholics, Mother Wound Healing, Father Wound Healing, Inner Child Healing, Reparenting, Developmental Trauma, Shame Resilience, Intergenerational Healing

Life Transitions: College & Leaving Home, Pregnancy and the Postpartum Journey, Separation or Divorce, Coparenting, Career Shifts, Loss & Grief 

Intimacy & Disconnection from Self: Low Self-Esteem, Body Image Issues, Emotional Repression, Self-Talk, Lack of Self-Trust, Listening Inward, Cultivating Courage & Vulnerability, Authentic Self-Expression  

At the heart of my work is the belief that your relationship to yourself serves as the foundation for meaningful and intimate connection with others and the world around you. Unlike traditional talk therapy which may focus on surface issues and provide short term comfort, my holistic approach to therapy and coaching dives deeper for long-term healing.

I am currently seeing clients at Hawk & hummingbird Holistic Healing in Providence, RI both in person and via telehealth. Therapy sessions are limited to RI residents due to licensing. My coaching services are available to anyone, anywhere virtually. 


I have a Master's degree in Holistic Counseling and a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies in the Expressive and Creative Arts from Salve Regina University. Holistic Counseling integrates a mind-body approach to mental health and wellness acknowledging the internal and external factors that contribute to your overall state of health, happiness and capacity to connect with others. 

I bring 13 years of experience working with and walking beside individuals and families in struggle. My approach blends mental health counseling, embodiment coaching, expressive arts therapy, somatic healing and attachment work to support you in reconnecting with your body, emotions and your inner wisdom.

It takes tremendous courage and vulnerability to look within and you don't have to do it alone. Together you will be supported to break the patterns that keep you from the life you desire, develop new coping strategies, learn to nourish yourself from the inside out and create boundaries that honor you. Book a free 15-minute consultation call below to learn more!


Contact Me

I'm currently accepting new clients. If you are interested in working with me, please fill in the contact form below. Be sure to tell me briefly why you are seeking therapy or coaching and the best way to reach you. I look forward to connecting with you. 

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